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Top News for Desi Boys & Girls - WhatsApp launches payments feature in India

Published on: Tuesday, 13th February 2018 09:56 AM     By      Administrator



 WhatsApp has rolled out its much awaited UPI based payment solution in India (closed beta only).




WhatsApp payment has been launched in India and is live for everybody – you just need to get an access to it.


Here is a simple way to get WhatsApp Payment invite.

1.      Update to the latest version of WhatsApp (applies to both Android and iOS users).

2.     Ask anyone with a WhatsApp payment invite to send you a payment feature invite by clicking on ‘attach + payment symbol (see the above pic).

3.     The sender will see the following screen.

4.     Next: You will see the payment feature live

5.     Follow the steps (verify your number  / select your bank) and you are all set.

WhatsApp Payment invite Screen


This is a smart move by WhatsApp – this will go viral and instead of rolling out by default for everyone, they are bringing in the very network effect to the product.